Thursday, March 24, 2005

Last day of school before break

Today is the last day of classes before spring break. Actually I'm done, except for some kids coming in to do Macbeth recitations after school today, because 8th hour is my prep hour. The kids are always one step away from psycho the day before break. So are the teachers, frankly. But, I always get a little nervous about going away from work for breaks. I won't see many of my coworkers (only three, in fact, who I'm going to Vegas with) and I always hope that nothing bad happens to them (or, frankly, to me) so that I won't see them again. Yeah, I think about morbid shit like that all the time. Like a week is different than a day when you're talking death. Whatever, I get confused in my head quite a bit, which is why I write.

Writing is the great escape. I try to get my kids to understand this. Whatever is in your head is magnified by about a hundred when it's there. Things you have to accomplish before the end of the day, work that needs to get done, how many friends you're fighting with, all that stuff. But, when you write it all down, it's words there on the page and you can go through and cross them out. I'm a big fan of crossing things off lists. In fact, the first thing I always write on a "Things to Do" list is "make 'things to do' list." That way when I finish the list I can already cross something off. BUT, I never write down things that I've just recently done because that's just hollow victory. Yeah, I'm a little anal about my lists.

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