Sunday, March 20, 2005

Sunday Routine

Sundays have become my favorite days, and the day of the week that I reserve simply for myself if I can. I sleep in, but usually try to wake up around 9am (normal waking time is just before 6am) so that I don't sleep the day away. I move from my bed to the couch, only stopping to brush my teeth on the way, where I either watch television or read until I feel like stopping.
I intermittently clean the house, do laundry, and grade papers. I'll get up to go get something, get stopped on the way, be good and settled back on the couch and then remember "Oh! I actually got up to do something!"
At night I watch more tv than I should, I'll admit it. The Simpsons, King of the Hill, X-Files have all been a part of my Sunday night line up since college and I have no shame in admitting that it's nice to lose my brain for awhile. I bring all of the laundry up to my bedroom and sort, fold and put away.
Between midnight and 1am I am tucked into bed, but I read and listen to the tv in the background. Fact or Fiction on the Sci-Fi channel followed up by another childhood favorite, Quantum Leap, lull me off into sleep as relaxed as I can be and dreading my Monday morning work day.

Yeah, there is something to be said about a favorite day of the week and a routine to go along with it.

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