Monday, March 21, 2005

Writing Group

Approximately once a week (well, twice if you include class) I get to spend several delightful hours with my writing group, fellow writers who appreciate words, sentences, paragraphs and how they all fit together, but are just as neurotic as I am about how they sound as they're being written.

It makes me understand a little better how important addiction support groups are. You really do need people who understand where your head is at when the rest of the world just doesn't get it. And I think that since I've given myself over to the writer inside me, which I've flirted with since I was in junior high, I've gotten rid of a large chunk of the lonliness that's been following me around my whole life. Everyone has told me my whole life, parents, teachers, etc. to "get a passion." "Find something you care about and do it." And I always said, "well, I'm not passionate about anything."

But it turns out that I am. And I've been fortunate enough to find people who are passionate about it as well. And we all sit around and be passionate together, building eachother up and helping eachother over the rough spots rather than make it a jealousy-filled competitive thing. It's really pretty fucking great, if you ask me.


Nance Knauer said...

a group is only as good as the people in it. i'd say we're doing well, and you bring SO much to the table.

but hey!! who are you calling neurotic?!!

Kelly said...

Neurotic in the most positive use of the word *grin*