Saturday, April 23, 2005

Days go by and I don't even notice

How did it stop being April 12 or 13th and turn into the 23rd? I think that I must sleep for days at a time and not know it. Or maybe there's something wrong with my calendar and there are really only 1 or 2 days between April 13th and the 23rd. Either way, I guess when I look back it makes sense, but MAN.

I'm living the most boring life of any blogger out there. I went out last night with friends, actually a strange group of people. My friend Erica, my ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend (she and I are friends, which he's just getting used to) and his best friend. It was Ex-boyfriend's birthday so we all went out with several of his other friends, one of whom hates me so much she can't bear to speak to me. That's fine, I don't torment her. But, she began to be very bothered last night when I started playing pool and having a good time with Ex-boyfriend's best friend EBBF), who is also her good friend. Anyway, the five of us (minus the bothered other friend) went dancing. I danced with EBBF and he wanted to go out this afternoon. Since he's nice, and attractive, and not an asshole, I completely freaked out that he was showing interest in me so when he called me this morning I didn't call him back.

How on earth do I expect to find a man (and ever get laid again) if I freak out whenever one is nice to me? This is not normal. I'm the reason guys are confused about women. I flirt with him all night, then when he does something about it I'm all "oh wait, nevermind." Yikes. Never fear, I will call him. I just needed to have the mandatory 24 hour waiting period to figure things out.


Gary LaPointe said...

Call him! And since you know he wants to do something have something in mind. We like that, we really do...

You're not the once confusing us about women, there's another three billion of you out there confusing us.


PS - I saw A Lot Like Love today (Ashton Kucher & Amanda Peet), it's got a lot of who makes the first move/call/etc. parts of the storyline. It's very fun. And it's a Ashton Kucher the actor movie (not a Ashton Kucher the dork movie)!

Gary LaPointe said...

That comment looked a whole lot better when I previewed it. That block shouldn't have been hilighted like that...

Kelly said...

It's all good :)
I'm planning to see that movie sometime this next week. It looks Amanda Peet!!