Friday, June 03, 2005

Random stuff so I'm at least writing

This is the last Friday of classes. Graduation is one week from today. This year's senior class is a great group, and one that I think I've gotten to know quite a bit better than past students. There are a number of students who possess both amazing intelligence (smarter than me, anyway) and generous hearts. It's difficult to let them go; they're so ready to be gone, running away as fast as they can, and all I can do is hope that they will look back when they're my age and remember having a good experience with their teachers, me in particular.

Important date countdown:

Graduation/beginning of summer: 7 days
Mentor series: 7 days
Belize: 7 days
My birthday: 15 days

Friday the 10th is one big ass day.

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Gary LaPointe said...

Tag you're it!
I've got something for you to write about.
I got tagged by Dave and you're one of my blogs to tag. It'll be fun I promise...