Wednesday, June 01, 2005

I had both

Yeah, since I'm not one to force myself into making choices, I started with popcorn that had about six times the recommended doses of salt and butter. I let that digest for about 30 minutes before I started to hanker for green olives. Now I have olives in my fridge, but I also had pepperoni pizza in my fridge that was literally smothered in green olives. Here's where I was smart. Rather than eat a bunch of green olives from the jar and then wait another 30 minutes and then eat the pizza, I skipped over the jar and went straight for the pizza.

I think my not smoking for 19 days (yay!) is catching up to me. I feel like a fat cow and truly, I'm eating everything in sight. I can FEEL my stomach stretching. Not good. I'll know that I'm full and that I should stop eating, but the food just tastes SO GOOD and I know it won't taste as good later, so I just pack it all in. I had two dilly bars at our staff meeting today. TWO. For the record, I've never eaten a dilly bar in my whole life. Made it just fine without them. And I hardly ever eat ice cream. Just doesn't appeal to me all that much. Today, apparently, it appealed to me doubly so.

So here's my question. Was going cold turkey from smoking a bad idea? The cravings haven't been bad at all but it's pretty clear I'm substituting food for them, which I think is pretty typical. Is it better to overeat or to smoke? What a conundrum.

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