Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Where I've been hiding myself

Alrighty, folks, I've crawled out of my time warp again to surface and let you all know that I'm still a living, breathing entity.

School ends in nine days (4 class days for seniors, six class days for underclassmen, seven class days for me) and then I'll be writing every day, probably several times, letting you know every time I take a breath.

In the meantime, though, DAAAMN. Okay: here's my list.

1. Revising "Unknown Path" formally "Path I Fear to Tread" for The Loft's mentor series competition. This might kill me yet...will update you.

2. Dreaming about Belize. There's a writer's workshop there and Charles D'Ambrosio is going to be there. I'm a huge huge fan. I'd like to meet him and act nonchalant so I can say I wasn't starstruck (but really I'll probably pee my pants).

3. Grading enough papers to replenish the South American rainforests....for centuries to come. Poetry for creative writing, tests for college prep literature, random stuff for focus....yeesh.

4. I've gone out on two dates! Yes, with the same guy. I know. And, I've had a party, and gone out with my friends several times. Look at me, Ma, a life.

5. Jodi the Super Genius doesn't have a #5, but if I didn't I'd be a big fat hairy copycat. So, my #5 is that I've been spending WAY TOO MUCH TIME reading Jodi's blog ( Yeah, I should put it as a link. I can’t figure out how the hell to do it. Html can piss off.

6. Have you met Zoetrope? Seriously, people, tear me away.

7. I mentioned revising my story, right? I do believe that's it. Man, I'm exhausted. I'm going to go eat popcorn. Or maybe pizza. I'll surprise myself.


Gary LaPointe said...
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Gary LaPointe said...
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