Sunday, May 15, 2005

I'm still alive

Not that anyone around here would know it. I ask again, where do the days go??
It's Sunday again and I'm trying to stick to a regimented hour by hour routine so I can get everything that I need to accomplish done and still have time for the season finale of Survivor, Desperate Housewives, and back to back episodes of Family Plots.

I spent the day at my grandpa's house yesterday. We are getting him all packed up to move to his new apartment without my grandma. It's a strange limbo for me. The house was defined by my grandma my whole life. Since she's been gone, all the house is is a memory of her. I'll miss it when he moves, but even if he stayed there for the rest of his life, all I would ever think about there would be her. His new apartment is nice, and he'll be very happy there. He's very excited.

I'm struggling with a revision for a story. I've got a major contest and a trip to Belize in my sights that seemingly depend on the perfection of this story. I need to get those two things out of my head if I ever hope to have a successful rewrite of this story. Stephen King says that a writer needs to write for the words, not for the money (or mentorship, or trip to Belize, I would guess). Ain't it the truth. I've got Craptacular Writer's Block--the block where I can still write but the words and the motive behind them reek.

Oh well. That's my life for the next three weeks....writing as much as I can, grading papers and finishing out the school year. Fifteen more school days and then I'm FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Whoooo!


Patricia said...

Freedom soon, I bet you can't wait, and then get your cute butt up here for a visit, Patricia xoxoxox

Nance Knauer said...

craptacular, ha! i know that syndrome. good luck on your revisions.