Friday, July 08, 2005

Class has begun

Yes, another Loft class is upon me.

There is truly something bizarre that happens to me when I get around other writers in the context of a class. I actually started to write again today, and have decided to pursue a secondary character from a previous story and give him a story of his own. Andrew, for those of you who are interested and know the story "An Unknown Path."

My sleeping patterns are completely weird. It's 1:20am right now, and I really want to go to bed sometime before 3:30, but I know I won't. I'll read, watch Nick at Night (a Who's the Boss marathon tonight, last night was Murphy Brown but only ONE episode with Scott Bakula which is a damn shame) and drift in and out until about 5am when I actually fall asleep.

For about the last three weeks I've had a fairly high amount of anxiety at night. If it was during the school year I'd say it was completely normal. But for me to have insomnia and nightmares when I can sleep during the middle of July is just strange. I keep imagining someone is in my house. The chinchillas make a lot of noise downstairs and I should be used to it, but whenever I hear them, I still jump. I always double check my locks before I go to bed and still imagine that someone might be hiding in the house. I don't know where this fear is coming from. Rationally I know that I'm as safe as I can be. I take precautions to ensure that I'm not in danger that I can avoid. But apparently there's something working away in my head that's keeping me awake and keeping my heart racing into the morning.

Hmmm...this is titled "Class has begun." Well, I did talk about it. Randomness and tangents are my specialty, no?

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