Monday, August 15, 2005

To dream the impossible dream

So I woke up this morning completely out of breath, like I'd been running, and coming out of the following dream. I wrote it, will maybe look at doing something with it even though I abhor dream writing. Posting it here because Somebody, who shall remain nameless, keeps wanting to read some of my writing but keeps forgetting to ask when I actually have access to my work.

Night Train

When the train goes through, it pulls out the people who aren’t matched up with each other. The red cars take the people wearing red. Etc. It’s the train’s last night, its final round, and we know it’s going to be a devastating trip. Everyone is gathered around and the main problem is the people wearing striped shirts. Stripes can’t pair up with other stripes unless they’re identical. None of them are, although some are close.

I see a woman wearing my color and I know I need to pair up with her, but she won’t go. She wants the train to take her and I know that if it does she’ll die and that it’ll be my fault, that I’ll know I should have tried harder. But the train is coming, I can hear it, and the sound of it is so beautiful, the wind crushing around us. Its path is a circle around us and when it finishes the damage will be assessed and the survivors will walk away.

I can’t find the woman wearing my color, I assume she’s been taken already so I’m standing alone but I’m not afraid. I’m sad and having a hard time breathing because I know it’s the last time the train will ever come through. My breath comes in gasps as I try to absorb everything, the glow of the train and the different colored cars, the sound vibration in my feet, the wind that sucks my insides out, and I begin to cry for the beauty of this train. I watch people being taken, pulled inside by unseen hands.

When the train is full circle on the track it is like being in another world. All of my senses are engaged and my brain is overloaded. I am trying like mad to mentally photograph the beauty and magnanimity of this moment and it is beyond my comprehension how I am the only one that sees the magic of this train and the tragedy that it will never run again.

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