Thursday, September 15, 2005

Don't Forget Me When I'm Gone

My heart would break.

In ten hours and 12 minutes my plane to Belize will take off and I'll be officially on my big adventure to Belize. I have very mixed feelings about this trip...which I will record in a lengthy and detailed journal. I will be back on September 26th, late in the evening. I wish I was back now. I wish I could get all of the knowledge and experience but not have to leave the security of my life, my routine. On the other hand, I'm thrilled beyond words to leave school!


Gary LaPointe said...

It's Sunday here and I was hoping to see what's going on. Hopefully we'll get something before you get back...

Have a great time!

Jess said...

Yeah I'm sorry we got cut off too. Stupid technology! You're having a blast I'm sure as I write this. Enjoy it! My mom's best friend said that she could retire there. Let me know if I should start making plans for us when we're old and gray.

The b-day party went swimmingly. And Grandpa's big night as a Hall of Famer went great too! Only thing was, I couldn't buy smokes after 10pm OR icecream while in St. Cloud. Like I needed another reason to hate that town. lol

Take care and call me the second you land. Love you long time...