Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The fun never stops around here

I put yesterday behind me, got a great night's sleep, woke up a bit early this morning and laid in bed just being comfortable. Loving life.
Got ready, handled day three of "endless shower water saving management" and packed up my bag, actually pretty excited to start the day. Got out to the car, the same car I complimented last night on her prowess getting me home safely. Put the key in the ignition, sighed (don't know why, always do) and turned the key.


No turnover, no clicking, just a full silent turn.


I HAD to go to school today. Not only that, I kind of WANTED to go to school today. My seniors are loving _The Chocolate War_ and my juniors are loving _Of Mice and Men_. I'm feeling like a pretty darn good teacher so it's important for me to show up on those days!

I called a friend who kindly drove me to school, and I can get a car from my parents house, but I'm so sick and tired of fixing things on my 2001 Pontiac with 60,000 miles on it. Ridiculous. In the last six months I've had the brakes FULLY replaced (they were hanging off the car), had the alternater, ignition switch, and something else I can't even remember all replaced.

I think it's the battery...maybe something from the flood? Anyone have any guesses? Maybe my girl just needs a jump?

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kim said...

it's the battery. get a jump.