Monday, October 10, 2005

Mondays Suck

They really do. I hate Mondays. Garfield was so right on. I opened my calendar this morning and saw that I have a week of 11 hour days ahead of me, plus class (which is the high point) plus oh, I don't know, LIFE. I think that this may need to be my last year directing. When I started, the money was ultra-important because I was making about a dollar an hour teaching. Now that I'm making about 1.50/hour, the money has decreased in significance. Plus, I feel like time I spend directing, not a career path, is taking away from my writing time, goal career path. My time is, now, more valuable than money in terms of directing plays.

The only problem is I love working with the woman I direct with. She and I have worked side by side for six years, and we've got such a great system going. But she's going to retire in a few years and then I REALLY won't want to direct anymore. Unfortunately if I stay in as director, I think I'll be expected to take on that role, Head Director (I'm the assistant now). That thought just makes my stomach hurt.

This whole day makes my stomach hurt.

But, fortunately, tomorrow is tuesday which is one day closer to the end of the week. It's my goal to make it to school every day this week.

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Mariam said...

hey i like your blog! i hate mondays too .... check out my blog if u have time