Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Right on Red is not a Requirement

To the management:

I've kept my mouth shut as long as I can and now I have to speak.

Last week I was turning right onto County Rd 42 from the PetSmart. The light was red. Cars were coming from the left, and while it was physically possible to turn, I elected not to. Cars often switch lanes, occasionally in the middle of interesections, and if I pulled out in front of someone and got smashed up, whose fault would it be? Mine, and rightfully so.

So when this bitch behind me laid on her horn, I ignored her and said to myself, "I don't HAVE to turn. The light is not green. The light is red. If it's completely safe to turn right on red, it's allowed. Otherwise, it's a RED LIGHT." She continued to honk, and when the light turned green I showed her the most charming finger on my hand, and turned.

I was willing to forget about this incident. I figured she was crabby. But then last night on my way home from Target (again, turning onto 42, left this time), two people were honking at this poor car waiting to turn right at the red light.

People. A public service announcement.

A red light means stop. Always. Not slide, not brake, not yield. STOP. And it is the right of the person who is first in line to choose not to turn right on red. They are not doing anything illegal, disrespectful, or rude by not turning. If anything, they may be saving your busy self some time by not causing a major accident that you would have to be a witness to and stand around for the rest of the night answering the same questions over and over again.

So please, for those of us who choose to exercise our right to NOT turn right on red, chill out and lay off the horn.


kim said...

I agree a 100 and 11 percent!!!!!!!
I often don't turn right away on a red either...screw honkers!

Gary LaPointe said...

I agree too! And after the honking it generally becomes a slower turn than usual. (Although I usually keep my digits to myself).


Kelly said...

That's just because you're nicer than I am. I tend to flash my digits a lot while driving...although I usually do it just above the console so no one but me sees. I don't want to get shot at or anything.