Saturday, October 22, 2005

Yay me, I made a dent. Day two and three.

Yesterday was the full on Purge Day. And I did, in a modified form. First I had to come to terms with my youthful alzheimers and drive almost an hour to where Erica and I went shopping yesterday. Seems I left the Gap, walked into the store right next door, and saw a pair of shoes I wanted to pick up. I set down the bag, looked at the shoes, then walked out of the store sans bag. Idiot.

So the purge started late yesterday, but then it was full steam ahead until after midnight last night. I cleaned the kitchen, dining room, entry way, living room, and my guest room (not a great job on the guest room...will have to go back to that one). It looks great. I brought a ton of stuff out to the garage, which is now getting beyond full, but I'm getting my indoor space the way it should be.

Day three will be spent drinking my morning coffee, hanging out with Erica watching Sopranos, and celebrating Mom's birthday. Unfortunately I'll have to sully my fabulous weekend with stupid grading.

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