Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I'm back, and WTF, man??

I apologize to those of you who try to read me loyally. Busy busy weeks with not a whole lot to say leads to me ignoring the blog. But, I'm back with a major WTF.

It's November 16th.

It snowed today.

It was freezing.

Did I mention it's NOVEMBER 16th??

Every year I've spent on this planet has included snowfall, windchill, and cold temperatures. Usually, ironically enough, right around this time. Sometimes, often even, earlier than this time. So when I listen to people complaining all day about how cold it is, and then turn on my evening news to hear a certain undisclosed weatherman (NOT my Hottie Ken Barlow!) say "When is it going to warm up?" I'm left with my eyes rolling almost completely back into my head.

It's Minnesota. It's November. Is it a surprise that it's cold? A major shock in people's lives that it snowed? In Minnesota? In November? I'm always stupified every year when Minnesotans are so appalled that it gets cold, snows, and we get a big ole load of windchill.

When is it going to warm up? I don't know, April??

And I can't even accept that Minnesotans lay claim to this weather and it's what we have to talk about. Frankly, places out East have significantly worse winters than we do and they don't make it their trademark. They're hearty people as well, under 25 feet of snow, and I never seem to hear the same tone of utter bewilderment that I hear from folks here.

And the complaining about the cold. You know what? Move. Winter happens every year. It's always cold, we always have to dig out winter crap. If you don't like winter, Minnesota isn't the place for you. And whining about it won't make it go away.


Whew. Okay, I think that's my major complaint for the day. I'm going to go get chinese food. Now there's a complaint: why do I have to drive to get my dinner? Where are the delivery folks to bring it to my door and spoon feed me?

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