Wednesday, December 21, 2005

God bless you, and good night

Those were the final words of hottie amazing Ken Barlow, who finished his tenure on KARE-11 last night. I mentioned him before on the night he announced he was leaving, and yes, I shed a tear during the goodbye tape they ran. He held it together pretty well, but it's obviously a really difficult move for him to make. Boston better consider themselves damn lucky...maybe I'll hook up online and watch the weather there. KARE11 better get someone as adorable, charming, upstanding and gentlemanly as Ken was or I'm changing to channel 9.


wignifty said...

Is there any connection between you getting laid this weekend and Ken Barlow fleeing to Boston?

I guess post-coital regret will make even the most honorable men do rash things. I'm terribly sorry for your loss, Kelly.

Try not to think of the cold front approaching, sweetheart. Just remember the warm-front that just left!


Kelly said...

No connection...and I'll have you know that I'm mildly offended at the suggestion that sex with me could cause someone to flee the state. It's not THAT bad.

And I've found plenty of other sympathizers about Ken Barlow leaving (*sob!*) so I'm in good company. Thanks for your concern ;)