Saturday, December 17, 2005

Six red lights holiday shopping

So, maybe it's my christmas spirit. Maybe it's buying gifts for those I love. Maybe it's the weekend, or maybe it's because I just got laid for the first time in FOREVER, but I'm in a fabulous mood. So much so, that I saw six people run red lights today (three cars all during the same one!) and it didn't bother me one bit. I even went to the mall and was smiling and cheery the whole time. I got most of my christmas shopping done in 3 and a half hours and now I have wrapped gifts under the plastic needles.

There are only four more days left of school before Christmas break! By this time next weekend, well, I guess that would Christmas Eve, I'll be happy as a baked clam.


Nance Knauer said...

Merry Christmas, Kelly. Glad to see the spirit of the season is strong!

wignifty said...

Kelly got laid! Atta girl!

Just dropping a note to say that I'm enjoying your blog.


Kelly said...

Heeey, glad to see ya!