Monday, January 30, 2006


Nance tagged me, so here I go. Ten interesting things about myself. I would like to put out there just for the record that I’m not even 30 yet and so there haven’t been very many interesting things happen to me.

1. I’ve never dated a man for longer than 9 months. And that relationship was in high school.

2. There are two things that I have been exemplary at in my life: competitive forensics and writing. Due to my spectacular fear of success, I forced myself to be average in forensics and am watching myself do the same thing with writing.

3. My first two injuries that I remember were spraining my wrist when I leaned up against a wood plank and fell into a manure pasture and when I had to get stitches in my big toe because I couldn’t hold open the door to the pool at the YMCA and it shut on my foot.

4. I sat at a table with Charles D'Ambrosio and George Saunders and talked about Tony Soprano and Buddhism. This was in Belize, without question one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

5. I once dated a homosexual (guy).

6. I am going to be my best friend’s coach when she delivers her baby. I’m terrified to do it, but I think it will be the most beautiful thing I could ever see next to having my own child.

7. I used to hate Stephen King, thought he had no literary merit whatsoever. Then I read On Writing and changed my tune, obviously, significantly.

8. I am a transitory friend haver. I don’t talk to anyone from high school and only two people from college. Jessie is my longest current friend and she and I have known each other for 7 years. There isn’t a single person besides my family that has known me all my life.

9. I regret giving up the piano.

10. I am a germaphobe.


Nance Knauer said...

competitive forensics sounds intense. and pffffft, you are so far from average with your writing. puh-leeeeeze! i'm with you all the way on the germ thing. that's almost normal behavior anymore. *ha!

wignifty said...

I remember you telling us that story of you dating the homosexual guy. FUNNNNNYYYYYYY!

I'm with you on the dating thing, though. Other than Kayo (ex-wife) the longest I've dated someone was for 6 months. Of course, I was with Kayo for 8 years so that kind of ate up the years of my PRIME!