Sunday, February 05, 2006

Holy cow am I wired

I went to coffee with Alex this morning at Barbette, very cool uptown French restuarant/coffee house, and we stayed talking for about three hours, two and a half of which I was slamming down the coffee like, apparently, I was preparing to pull an all-nighter. Our server was massively attentive so she kept coming back with the pot and I'm all "sure, fill me up!" I must have had six cups.

So then of course I start talking a mile a minute and I'm all jittery (literally). Sometimes caffeine hits me that way, which is so bizarre. You'd think with the amoung of diet coke I consume regularly that I'd be immune to caffeine. Oh well. So then I called Erica and left her like a five minute message. Too funny.

And I'm still hopped up almost three hours. It's gonna be bad when I crash. Yikes.


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