Friday, February 10, 2006

Licking my wounds and discovering my inner strength

Jodi and I had our workshops last night on our stories. I was the most confident I'd ever been, really not worrying at all, basically ready for a great discussion of my story. I'm finally set with it as a whole, conceptually, and I was eager to hear some suggestions on fine tuning, things that maybe contradicted eachother, etc.

After Jodi's story I started to worry. The class was being what I'll term "less than constructive." I've been very lucky in all of my workshops thus far. I've seen one or two people get absolutely blasted by jerks, but overall since we're all adults and we all end up in the same position of being judged people are constructive.

Without going into the details, I ended my workshop with a headache, a huge bruise on my ego, and the need for a beer consuming nearly my every thought. Nearly, but for the desire to shake two of my classmates and scream "Are you KIDDING???" at them. Jodi gives a more specific summary on her blog.

I'm laying low today. I don't know why this hit me weird, why I even care why 11 or so people I don't know think. Everyone who knows me gave me some critical feedback that was useful, and that's what I need to focus on.

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jodi said...

just remember don't get too low yet. . . we don't know what these people write like yet. we might end up with 10 dead grandma stories and 1 it's all a dream.

and your story is damn good. it really is.