Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Coach Kelly

I told Jessie tonight that I would be her coach when she has her baby. Now I'm all nervous. We talked about it when she first told me she was pregnant and I was all jazzed. Then my mom said that if I ever wanted to have children I shouldn't do it because it would be too scary. But Jessie and I talked again and I knew it was important to her. So I thought about it, talked to everyone I knew, and I decided that I'd be okay.

She's due the day after I turn 30, which will be fine because she's probably going to be late, and if we share a birthday that would be all the more kick-ass.

More on this later!


Patricia said...

you'll be more than okay, it happens quickly or not, and you'll be great, you're a good friend, someone she needs there, it's an amazing experience, you'll be great.xoxoxo

Gary LaPointe said...

I would think that would be an excellent experience. Totally different than if you were to have your own (probably much easier to pay attention). Although Mom might be right on the scary part, I don't think that would top you.