Monday, March 20, 2006

Happy Anniversary to Me

It's "I Am Who I Am" 's one year anniversary today!

What a difference a year makes....and yet some things never change.

I'm still taking a loft class, but it's a different one.

I'm still meeting with a writing group, but it's a different one.

I still have a life-changing issue weighing on my mind, but it's a different one.

I still write, but I write differently than I did at this time last year. I've slowed down. I'm still not published but that isn't my top priority anymore.

I wish I could write something really profound about how I've grown and changed in the last year, but the words just aren't there today.

1 comment:

Gary LaPointe said...

Wow! It's been that long already?!? Congratulations.

I don't remember how I found your site but I still remember reading the "Ten Dead in High School Shooting" post.

And then something came up about the shooting later that night and I remember pulling out my laptop and reading it to a friend who was a teacher. In particular it was the second paragraph that really got to me...

Keep on posting!