Monday, April 17, 2006

Trying not to sweat the small stuff

The rest of that phrase, that 'it's all small stuff', is a load of crap. But, I'm really trying hard to remember that I tend to blow things out of proportion and that most everything isn't as dramatic as I tend to make it in my writerly head.

That being said, trying to remain stress-free and calm is HARD. There are some really stupid people in the world and it's hard to stay calm when their idiocy affects me. I'm speaking of my work place, and the trouble is that in many cases I can't even blame it on teenagers. It's people who should know better. Not many people, just a few. But, today, a few was enough.

Tired of me speaking in generalities? Me too.

So, I'm going to go read TKAM, book #6, and pretend that my job doesn't exist.

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