Thursday, June 29, 2006

Book #10 Love Smart by Dr. Phil

Okay, book #10 was Love Smart by Dr. Phil.
Yeah, yeah, I read it. I didn't read it today, mind you, as the post might indicate, but I did finish it today. I started it back in January when the winter doldrums were at full force and I decided that I needed to make a project out of myself.

The book is good, and totally for girls. Dr. Phil uses some humor to get across a lot of really good information. He also spends the majority of the book giving ideas on how to find the characteristics that will work with your personality after he helps you figure out your own strengths and weaknesses. I think the book was useful to give a different perspective on the typical "self-help: how to get a man" genre of books.

I'm a fan.

I'm going to finish up the last two chapters of Population 485 and then I'll report on that.

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