Friday, June 30, 2006

Book #11 Population: 485 by Michael Perry

Lest you think I am cheating, let me explain my book ADD.

I started Population:485 back in either March or April. I read all but the last thirty pages, and then something else caught my interest, or I got bored with one paragraph, or the book was upstairs when I was down (or vice versa) and I stopped reading it. Same with Love Smart, book #10. But neither were started before I began my book goal, so they're both fair game.

Population:485 is in the top ten of books I've ever read. Had I not read the last thirty pages I would have severely missed out because those pages pack a life lesson wallop that doesn't come in fiction.

Perry is a volunteer fireman in New Auburn, WI, and the book is his collection of thoughts, stories and experiences being a man, a firefighter, a brother, a family man, and a life saver. He's funny, his stories are poignant, and he's totally the type of person I'd like to sit down with and have a beer.

The Seattle Times said, "Part portrait of a place, part rescue manual, part rumination on life and death, Population:485 is a beautiful meditation on the things that matter." I couldn't agree more. There were parts of the book where I was laughing out loud at the top of a page and had tears in my eyes by the bottom of the next.

Read this book.

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jodi said...

I got this book for Chirstmas about 3 years ago because my friend Ray said I would love it. Sister #2 read it and really liked it, and yet I still haven't read it. Maybe now I will.