Monday, July 03, 2006

Take back the garage

Okay, so for the past year in preparation for turning thirty, I've been slowly moving my twenties from my house into my garage. Also adding to the garage are the castoffs of one set of grandparents and a mix of takings, leavings, and sentimental guilt from my deceased grandma. The result is that when I pull my car, my little grand am, into my garage, I have about four inches on either side (and the front, too) of grace before I run into something.

This week, in honor of independence day, I am going to take back my garage.

Wednesday I will bring all cds, dvds, books, and other media stuff to either 1/2 price books or my favorite cd store. I will take what I can get for them and be happy. I will also at this time organize the rest of the shit in the garage into a few distinct piles:

1. Donation
2. Jessie
3. Theater

I will call the Vets on Wednesday to come hopefully on Thursday or Friday and get the donation pile. This will be clothes, shoes, kitchen supplies, basically anything that doesn't fit into categories two and three.

Jessie's pile will contain things that are recent clearings, including my pier 1 dishes that were perfectly good but I decided I wanted Pottery Barn dishes instead. Jessie is a new mommy living in her parents' basement. Soon she won't be in the basement but will be in an actual apartment and she'll need some actual stuff.

The theater will receive its own contribution of things that I think could be useful as props. I'm also planning to pawn off the Garage Couch, which belonged to a set of grandparents. I have three couches and a futon. I'm single, and I live alone. No math in the world justifies that; the only answer is that I am a lazy packrat.

The theater stuff will go into the trunk of my car and over to the school where I will locate a spot to put it all in the prop shop. The couch will, sadly, still be in the garage until the fall when I can coerce some kids to come and pick it up in a truck.

This means that on Saturday I will be able to organize the remaining stuff in the garage that I do want to keep onto the shelves that have been gathering dust and crap for two years. I will organize the tools that I have and then, when all is said and done, I will drive my car into the garage, directly in the center, with several feet of space on either side.

This is the Take Back The Garage Plan of 2006.

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