Monday, June 19, 2006

Book #8 Killing Yourself to Live by Chuck Klosterman

I refuse to give up. In spite of the fact that I am apparently a much slower reader than I thought AND that I evidently have ADD when it comes to novels and I can't seem to finish anything, I managed to hunker down this past week and read a whole book, cover to cover.
My selection was Klosterman's Killing Yourself to Live. I decided to read this because of Greg and I going to see him on Saturday night. I couldn't quite finish the book by that night (I started it Friday afternoon) but I got the gist.

I dig Klosterman's style. The book is a journey he took over a summer to the death sites of various musical talents, but it's really a story about a guy driving cross country with way too much time on his hands to think. I would never drive by myself across the country because I think my thoughts would get so intense I might actually die. He talks about his past, his loves, how he ties everything in to music, how the sites where these people died aren't really all that life-changing and how in some cases people don't actually know exactly where a site is, just its general area. He tells about all of this with a sense of humor that is so unaffected it's beautiful. He isn't trying to be funny; he just is.

So yeah, I dig this book. I did skim over some of the music stuff. I know less about KISS than anyone I know, so when he started getting into some of the real hard core Kiss shit (and other musicians shit as well) I had to skim a bit. But I promise I read all the important stuff.

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