Friday, July 21, 2006

Gone gone gone for the weekend

I'm going on a retreat this weekend with some friends (no, Wignifty, not THAT KIND of retreat!) and I'll be back on Sunday.

I'm looking forward to getting away from my tv and the internet for 48 hours. I need to, because I've gotten to where I'm checking my email, like, every five minutes. I'm getting a little sick about it.

So I'm going to write, read, and commune with the natural internetless world. I'm sure I'll only freak out for a day or so.


wignifty said...

While you're on your little retreat, wignifty will be getting his 2nd tattoo.

It's either going to be a quarter-sized rose on my hip, or a bald eagle in front of a blazing American flag covering my entire back.

Any ideas?

Kelly said...

Well, what did you end up with? I'm guessing the eagle because you've mentioned it before and because you don't exactly seem like a rosy type of guy. Of course chicks do dig surprises.

wignifty said...

ACtually, it's going to be a fossil on my right arm. Eventually I'll get a 3rd, and then I'm done!

I already have a gecko running down the top of my spine. Got that baby about 2 months ago.