Thursday, July 06, 2006


Okay, so someone needs to put a lock on my computer so that I can't fuck it up. Seriously. Stop me before I strike again. I accidently (well, I did it on purpose, I just thought I was fixing a problem rather than worsening it) deleted some registry keys. I can still use the majority of the computer, but I can't check my email on yahoo or google and I can't use itunes. So, the solution is to obviously get my system restart disc and redo the internet part of it, and then uninstall and reinstall itunes.
Simple, right?

Unfortunately, the last time I fucked up my computer I put the system discs somewhere and now I can't find them. Like they're so not in any of the places they're supposed to be. I know I didn't throw them away, but I'll be dipped in tar if I can find them. And the worst part is that I've been cleaning, so God only knows where they are.

So when you feel a strong breeze tonight, it's not a storm brewing, it's just me swirling around my house trying to find the discs that will make my life complete once again.

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