Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Oh, the unending laziness

Well, I have a story due to my writing group in less than a week, I have four essays due to my editor in less than a month, I start school in less than two months, and I'm sitting on my couch watching Judge Mathis, which is an all time low even for me.

I did go running this morning, which was good. And I met with my writing group last night and tonight I'm meeting my student teacher that I'll have in the fall. So I am doing stuff. And I wrote almost 2000 words yesterday.

Who am I trying to convince here??

I'm going away next weekend with a wonderful group of friends, though, all writers, and we're going to write all weekend, letting the combined brain energy work for all of us. I'm very excited to go.

PLUS, I start my Gotham class at 11:01 tonight :) Because I'm in the Midwest and it starts at 12:01am Eastern. This should be an interesting class--I've never done an online one before.


Gary LaPointe said...

It's been a week. Did you get it done?
(Throw away that TV!)


Kelly said...

I got the story done and sent out!! Yay! And I got some major work done on the essays, so I'm happier. I think.