Sunday, August 06, 2006

I don't talk funny.......or do I??

(Pick the word that is familiar to you or add one of your own)
Got this from Gary LaPointe--check him out here!)

1. Soda, Soft Drink, Soda Pop or Tonic - Pop

2. Hoagie, Sub, Po Boy, Grinder - Sub

3. Goobers or Peanuts - Peanuts (Goobers?? Isn't that something that comes out of your nose?)

4. Candlepin or Ten-Pin bowling - Bowling

5. Dungarees or Blue Jeans - Jeans

6. Shopping Carriage, Shopping Cart, Buggy - Cart (who calls it a buggy?)

7. Frappe or Milkshake - depends on where it's from. Frappe if I'm at Starbucks, shake if I'm at DQ or, well, anywhere else but Starbucks.

8. Jimmies or Sprinkles - Sprinkles

9. Hot Dog or Frankfurter - Hot Dog

10. Relative or Kin - Relative (what about kith? No one for kith?)

11. Soda Crackers or Saltines - crackers. Unless they're actually saltines. Then I call them...crackers.

12. Rubbish, Trash or Garbage - Garbage

13. Rotary or Traffic Circle - Rotary

14. Barbeque, Grill Out or Cookout - Grill/grilling

15. Funnel Cake or Fried Dough - Funnel Cake

16. Flapjacks, pancakes, or griddlecakes - Pancakes

17. Bedroom Suite or Bedroom Suit - Bedroom Suite

18. Bundles, Sacks or Bags (of Groceries) - Bags

19. Front Entrance or Front Stoop - Front Door

20. Frying Pan or Skillet - Pan

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