Friday, August 04, 2006

Meerkat Update

The girl was nine, and according to the latest news report it was directly because she refused (well, her parents refused) to get the rabies test (seven shots) that the animals were euthanized.
They did the autopsies today and none of the animals were infected.

The animals had been vaccinated and hadn't been near any other animals, so the zoo keepers doubted that the animals were infected, but since the girl refused to get the shots, they had no choice but to put the animals down for testing.

So unfortunate that everyone who wants to visit the meerkats has that privilege taken away because of the selfishness of these people who apparently have no value for the lives of animals.

So, fine, the animals are gone, but I think that this family should be banned from the zoo for life. It is so not the animals' faults at all that this stupid girl put herself where she wasn't supposed to go, and it's absolutely repulsive that her parents wouldn't own up to the responsibility they have in keeping their daughter under watch and instead chose to murder five animals. Shame on them.

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