Saturday, September 09, 2006

Book #21 Godless by Pete Hautman

Well, this book report is coming to you via my desktop, because my laptop is sick AGAIN. My dad says that I don't need a new computer, but whose computer breaks down three times in just over a year? Someone who needs a new damn computer.

Anyway, on to Godless by Pete Hautman.

I picked this book up after being named honorable mention in the Mentor Series. Hautman is one of the mentors and he writes both adult and young adult novels. Godless is about a teenage boy, Jason, who begins to question his religion and then decides that the town water tower is his god. He creates a religion and goes throw a microcosm of what religious leaders must go through: he has his followers but he gets into a whole lot of trouble.

It's a great read. It won a National Book Award, and it deals with a lot of issues that everyone faces. I was really pulling for Jason. He does dumb stuff, but it's the type of dumb stuff that makes perfect sense in the context of everything going on.

Check this book out!

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