Friday, September 22, 2006

Gatsby woke me this morning

By licking my face.

I was oversleeping, and when I opened my eyes he was sitting right next to me, peering into my face like a concerned mom. I shoved him away a few times but he kept coming back, like a living snooze alarm, until I finally got up.

He has not had an accident ALL WEEK. Go Gatsby!

So, the reason why it was so hard for me to wake up today was because of class and Grumpy's last night. Yesterday started out fine but just got ickier and ickier, culminating in something that happened in class that just irritated the piss out of me. But after class the day spiked to near perfection when we all went out to Grumpy's.

We hung out for two hours waiting for Rob to finish teaching so he could meet us, and by the time he got there only Mike, Jodi and I were there. We chatted about all sorts of stuff, and it was so kick ass I could hardly stand it. By the time I drove home all the ick of the day had been erased.

But this morning, Good Grief Charlie Brown was I tired. I am getting too old to be out drinking until 11pm and get to work by 7am. I miss the days when I'd drink until 2am and be at work at 7am. I may sigh wistfully now.


Myfanwy Collins said...

What a good boy he is!! Yay, Gatsby.

I can't even STAY AWAKE until 11PM anymore.

Patricia said...

I love gatsby..xoxoxo and youxoxooxo

wignifty said...


Sorry about ragging on you recently. You don't deserve it.

I've decided to stop visiting your site. Megan asked me the other day "Why do you write to her if you're only going to make fun of her or point out her issues? I'm sure she knows enough about them without you being an ass."

In the end, she's right. I'm not here for the right reasons.

You ARE beautiful and you ARE funny. I hope everything turns out ok for you.


wignifty said...
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Nance Knauer said...

Gatsby! Well done! And I'm so jealous over the night at Grumpy's. Pass on a big "Hey, how are you" from me.

Kelly said...

I will, Nance!