Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Sufjan, the rain, and political ads

Greg, his brother Mike and I all traveled to Milwaukee on Monday to see Sufjan Stevens at the Pabst theater. The trip was great--there's nothing I love like a good road trip (especially when I'm not driving!) and the concert kicked all forms of ass. He had a 17 piece band with him and the sound was incredible.
The opening band, My Brightest Diamond, was also really good. I almost never like opening bands, but the lead singer for My Brightest Diamond is also in Sufjan's band, so there was a nice carryover of style.
The only downside was that we missed the Saints game, although we did catch some of the pregame show. It was awesome to see the highlights of the game, and OBVIOUSLY I was glad to be at Sufjan rather than sitting in a bar watching the game.

It's been raining since last night. I love the rain, it feels totally thrilling (especially big storms), but when I'm alone then the rain makes me feel sad. I feel sad today.

Part of the sadness is the onslaught of political ads. I can't stand watching people sling shit at each other. And the worst part is that I just saw one that was supported by Patty Wetterling. Patty Wetterling, who I hold in a place pretty close to my own mom as far as respect goes. She has worked tirelessly to both find her son and make sure that kidnapped kids come home, and to see her supporting an advertisement that doesn't explain how amazing she is but rather tears someone else down, well, I just didn't expect it from her.


Nance Knauer said...

you're right about the political ads. if it weren't for the Daily Show, i'd give up on politics altogether. did you see the Twin Cities will host the GOP convention???!!!

Patricia said...

I hate political ads too!! I never know who anyone is and they allll sound the same to me, actually, I can't remember the name of our prime minister, steven someone I think, I don't know...they're all f---ed...sigh..and I'm glad your trip went well..xoxoxo

Kelly said...

I saw that, Nance, and I'm still puking on my shoes. Aren't we a blue state?? Whatever.

Patricia I'm responding to your email!!