Sunday, September 17, 2006

One year

A year ago at this time I had landed in Belize and was all set up at Blancaneaux with George, Charlie, my roomie Emily and the rest of the writing crew. It's so surreal that it's exactly a year.

This year was spent in an ironically similar way. I met two women, Kathy Fish and Patricia Parkinson, that I had never met before. We are all writers, Nance, Kim, Kathy, Patricia and myself, and we gathered at Nance's house for a girls weekend. Kathy and Patricia are amazing, and while the location was Minnesota instead of Belize, I was still with writers that I admire. In many ways this weekend was better than Belize because I know that we strengthened friendships this weekend, rather than "establishing professional contacts."

The five of us had such an amazing time and all we talked about (well, not ALL, there was some lively discussion about a pen) was how we wished that it could last forever.

But, the good things can't, and now Kathy is in her hotel room and I am at my house sitting next to a relieved Gatsby who is chewing his rawhide at my side. The storms are blowing over and Kim and Patricia are at Nance's and Patricia is probably in her robe and they're all mumbling sweet nothings as they fall asleep.

So amazing, the experiences I have. I am blessed on all levels.


Myfanwy Collins said...

How perfect it sounds. Wish I could have been there. Next year. :)


wignifty said...

Kelly, I think you're great.

But have you ever considered the fact that you're an extremely high-maintanance woman with extreme highs and lows?

I'm not being mean. Shit, I'd love to date you (if i was single). You are funny, gorgeous, and just enough "crazy" to suit me.

Kelly said...

Wow. How relieved I am to know that you would date me if you were single. Now I don't have to throw myself off a bridge during an extreme low.