Wednesday, November 01, 2006

50 Days

Today I sent out my third and final email requesting a letter of recommendation.

I did an exercise last night where I wrote 100 sentences on my main character in "Advanced Woods." It was fruitful...I looked beyond just his character into some new plot events and even an additional character to add some texture to his life.

I also worked out a schedule for getting my revisions done and sent to the people who have agreed to do a read for me, as well as getting them sent to the authors recommending me. This was important to get done, as time tends to fly for me and I sit back and say "fuck, where did the last three weeks go??" If I have a list of things to do I can focus.

My biggest question now is whether or not to submit one story or two with my application. "Advanced Woods" is by far my strongest story, but it's only 12 pages. I don't know that I could make it 25 pages (the limit) without ruining it. My other option is to include "The Order of Things," another 12 page story. That one needs a lot of work.

The more I think about it, there's no way to include both of those stories. This causes an even bigger quandry, then, because assuming I can push "Advanced Woods" to about 20 pages, which I think I can, do I let it stand alone or do I try to push out a short short? I believe in "Advanced Woods." I think it can stand alone. BUT, will they want more variety? The advantage to two stories is that they can see how I handle two different stories...can see more consistency in my style.

I guess I'll revise AW and see how it goes. I need to get started somewhere.

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Myfanwy Collins said...

What do the guidelines say? Do they say, "send exactly 25 pages" or "UP TO 25 pages"?

If it were me, I'd submit one story--my strongest story. They will know where you're coming from with that (and it's likely true that their eyes will be burning in their heads from all that they have to read and they will be grateful at the woman who sent them a 12 page double spaced story instead of 25 pages of single spaced novel chapter).