Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The love of a mother

I found out yesterday afternoon that the mother of one of my students passed away on Monday morning. She had sleep apnea and suffocated in her sleep. She was also an alcoholic, so I don't know if that played into it or not.

I feel so terrible for Hayley, my student. She is either 17 or 18, and I think that's such a dreadful age to lose a mother. My mom and I were at sixes and sevens during that time, and losing her would have changed who I became as an adult and as a woman. My mom is now one of my best friends. She and I have grown close and we spent my 20s doing that. It's such a tremendous loss for a woman at any age, to lose her mom, but I think especially truamatic as a teenager when you don't realize how much you really do need a mom.

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