Monday, November 27, 2006

I want my mama!!

When I was writing my essays in high school, my college application essay, and most of my essays in college classes (the ones I did well on), there was one other person who was integral in their success: my mom.

She didn't write them for me, certainly, but she proofread them for me, or listened to them on the phone when I was at college, and helped me talk through my ideas out loud. Even now that I've switched to short stories my mom (and Dad has joined in) still dialogue with me about the characters, the plot, and where the story could go.

This weekend I was supposed to dedicate my days and nights to working on my MFA application materials and I couldn't get into the zone. Tonight, as I sent a copy to Jodi, I figured out why. One half of my "writing team" is missing. My parents are on a cruise and Mom is unavailable. I'm sitting here without the person who knows me best trying to write the most important essays I've ever written.

To put it simply: I need my mom. Still. Age 30 (and a half, practically) and I have no shame. I'm tempted to call her in Peru because this stuff won't get sent in until she looks at it. Gee...time to cut the cord, ya think??

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