Wednesday, November 08, 2006

One more note on things that shouldn't be said...

Yesterday I spent three hours at a curriculum development meeting for Language Arts. There were representatives from all grade levels, k-12, at the meeting. Elementary school teachers in my department typically make my blood boil. But I went into today with the goal to at least attempt to be understanding, civil, all that.

Unfortunately, I'm a bit raw these days.

So, when I'm in a group with two pregnant women who are talking about their bladders and how they can't make it through the day anymore, I don't say a word.

When the conversation is all about babies, I don't say a word.

When the talk about eating, and the weight loss and gain, I don't say a word. I throw up in my mouth a little and wish for death, but I don't say one word.

When the 25-year-old-if-she's-a-day starts talking about how she thinks that younger teachers have more time to create better lessons and grade papers because they don't have children and families and other adult responsibilities, it was only the fact that she was pregnant that kept me from flying across the table and strangling her.

Don't assume that everyone over 24 years old is married and therefore "an adult." I'm thirty. Not married. Allllllll sorts of adult responsibilities in spite of that. Look at me go.


jodi said...

Kelly, have you forgotten that there's just something werid about someone who is 30 and not married. . .

Kelly said...

Oh yeah, and then of course the teacher in my school that, last year, said to a classroom of seniors "If you're thirty and not married, it means you're gay."