Sunday, January 21, 2007

An untapped resource

Last night Jodi and I went to Barnes and Noble, because I decided at the beginning of the year that it is an untapped resource for men. I was not mistaken. Jodi wrote about it in hilarious detail last night when we got home, so definitely check out her blog. The whole night was an absolute blast.

Jodi was introduced to my Barnes and Noble behavior. She was aghast that I had four books in my hands less than ten minutes after we arrived. When I picked up the Michael J. Fox audio book 'Lucky Man' she simply said "You're not buying that!" I had every intention of buying it, but I laughed and put it back. She was right, I didn't need it.

While we were drinking coffee I made eye contact with a Married with a wondering eye. He came into the coffee area three times to look at me while his wife (with the stroller) was elsewhere. Poor girl.

Also while we were drinking coffee, Jodi announced that she had made eye contact with a long haired hottie. I was not interested because when she said long hair I thought she meant LONG hair. Not a fan of the long haireds. This led us into a discussion of why we're the perfect friends to man hunt together because we have such different tastes in men. She allowed as how she never imagined I would be a BLAZER hunter (hot man in glasses, a tweed sportscoat, hot hot hot!!).

It turns out that the long haired hottie was not so much a Long Hair as a Greek God. I was in the religion/philosophy section (looking for books to research my new story) and he walked by and literally took my breath away. He turned a corner and I followed him unabashedly, but he was gone. I found Jodi and said that I had just seen the hottest man alive but I thought I imagined him. She said, "did he have long hair?" I said "yeah!" She said, "That's the guy!!" We searched for him and found him in glimpses. Our longest look was as we stood together over new fiction watching him walk out the door, quietly screaming "no, don't go, don't walk out the door" to ourselves.

At the end of the day, we saw a few cuties but had more fun than I've had on a Saturday night in a long time. This is definitely something that must be repeated.

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