Tuesday, February 13, 2007

3 Miles and a Milestone

I ran three miles today! I didn't get an accurate time because the stupid treadmill started back at zero when I bumped up my speed, but I know it was around 40 minutes. My training plan starts officially next week, but I'm starting it this week and I'll do the first week twice.

The milestone was that I gained acceptance in the weight room. The teacher who supervises it, who I've probably said two words to in the seven years I've taught there, came up to me and said that I looked like I was making great progress. We talked about the 1/2 marathon and he gave me some tips about increasing my cardio with lower impact activities like the elliptical and the bikes. He said I was dedicated.

Last night I went to happy hour with my friend Heather, and she complimented me on how I looked...she said I looked thinner and "better." It's so motivating that people are noticing; it means that I'm doing the right thing. I'm still not losing weight pound-wise, but my clothes are fitting differently and I know I look better than I did six months ago...or even two months ago.

The 1/2 marathon is three months from today--let the countdown begin!!

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chumly said...

Make sure you have good running shoes. When I was young we did not have what is out there today, consequently we all limp today.