Sunday, February 25, 2007

A quieter, gentler Oscars

Last year I spent the afternoon of Oscar day making deviled eggs to take to my first ever Oscar party. It hadn't occurred to me to ever watch the awards show with other people. So, I made my eggs and grabbed my friend and we traipsed over to the party.

There were four of us there: a good friend I work with, two friends I wrote with, and me. I can't remember if I was crushing on the guy friend or not, but if I wasn't at that time I began soon after. Maybe Oscar night had something to do with it, who knows.

At any rate, tonight is a different night. The end of the trimester is this week so even if I wanted to go out I wouldn't have been able to. I'll be spending the Oscars grading papers. One writing friend is, I think, out of town (or maybe having an Oscar party with the other writing friend and his girlfriend), the other writing friend decided he didn't want me to be his friend, and the working friend is with her family.

It's amazing to me how quickly things change. It's impossible to predict the future, no matter how obvious things might seem, or how happy things might be at a particular event. It's imperative to enjoy our moments for what they are, because there might not be a "next year's Oscar party."

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