Sunday, March 04, 2007

Ladies and gentlemen, gather round....see the amazing bird-bone woman!

My hetero-lifemate Jessie always tells me I have bird bones...that my bones are, in fact, hollow. A few years ago after I broke my foot falling down a flight of stairs at school two days before a spring break trip to Vegas, she bought me a t-shirt that says "I do all my own stunts" with a picture of a guy falling.

Naturally, she was the first person I called yesterday when I tripped over the dog, fell down some of my stairs, and fractured/cracked my foot...again.

I didn't go to the emergency room or to urgent care (the one located so conveniently to my house is, inconveniently, "temporarily closed"), but I know that it's a crack because it feels exactly like it did the last time. Apparently the top of my foot is my achilles heel. I know from the last time that there is absolutely nothing that can be done for broken foot bones. No cast, no bandages, nothing, except The Boot. The Boot is a godsend. While it's not the most attractive accessory, it keeps my foot stable and enables me to walk relatively pain free.

The Boot, however, and the fractured bone, will seriously impede my training for the half. I have to call a doctor, I'll call the same one who helped me with my foot the last time, to find out how much. The last time it took nearly six weeks for me to be able to walk pain free, and after wearing the boot during work for that amount of time, my calf muscle was so atrophied that it took ages to build it back up again. This time I plan to continue working out with non-running/waking activities. I can still cycle, work my upper body, and work my abs. But, if I'm out of running for 4-6 weeks, that puts me in a serious deficit for the half....I'll be 6-4 weeks out and it won't be possible for me to catch up.


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