Monday, March 26, 2007

Spring Break 2007: Day 3

Saturday, the first official day of spring break, I read Vonnegut's Cat's Cradle. Jodi had recommended it to me, and yes, I am a fan.

Yesterday Erica and I shopped until we dropped, ate until we couldn't eat any more, and finished out the night with trivia and captain/diets (because rum is less fattening than beer). We went to the outlet mall in Medford and ate lunch at McDonalds, went to Cold Stone for an afternoon snack, watched the second Harry Potter movie with raisinettes, twizzlers and popcorn, then had dinner at Chipotle.

Today I obviously had to get back out to run, if for no other reason than because I ate my body weight in crap yesterday. I waited until 11, which was a little too late because it was freaken hot by the time I got out there, but today was my first real run since I hurt my food. My body was so happy! I fell into a rhythm pretty much right away, and it felt so absolutely amazing.

I'm finishing up The Prop by Pete Hautman, so I'll be 2 for 3 on my "book a day" spring break plan. And the day is young--maybe I can hit a third before midnight.

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