Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Spring Break 2007: Day 4

I had nightmares last night pretty much the whole time I slept. One woke me up at 2:30am with that tingly adrenaline rush and I don't remember it. The other was right before I woke up this morning and it involved me moving Anna Nicole Smith's corpse (which was still walking and talking, by the way) through a crowded mall. I need to lay off the wine before bed.

Today I failed miserably in my reading goal, but I've read two books so far this break so I'm shooting at 50%. Not terrible, but not so much great either. But, the week has filled up more than I thought it would. I'm working on a trial summary that's due tomorrow at 5pm, I have class Thursday night, and then the rest of the weekend is devoted to my good friend Heather. She's reading on Friday night at the Loft and then Saturday night is her wedding reception. I'm so excited for both and will obviously not be sitting at either event reading a book!

Tonight is summary work mostly, but I may get some time to delve into Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates, my goal for the rest of the week.

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