Friday, March 30, 2007

Spring Break 2007: Day 7

Spring Break 07 is winding down here at headquarters, but it has been the most awesome week. Last night was Rob's class and we stayed out until a little after midnight (totally my fault, I got a bug up my ass to sing, so of course Rob joined me). I love class, the hours spent with colleagues discussing our stories and writing, but Grumpy's afterward is generally the highlight of my week. I never laugh as hard as I do when I'm there.

Rob has gotten into the habit of taking that extra time to talk with the people who were workshopped, if they come out. He talked with darling Martin last night, who had gone through his first ever workshop critique. Then he turned to me and said that I needed to decide if my story was a "Charles D'Ambrosio story" or a "Kevin Brockmeier story." As I boggled with the comparison to either one, even in theory, he also threw in Shirley Jackson's "The Lottery," which of course was running through my subconscious as I wrote the story because I was teaching it. I think he thinks I should go the Brockmeier route. I'm up for the challange, but a challange it will be because I've never written anything in the surreal realm.

Tonight is Heather's reading. I'm excited to hear her, excited for her. This is such a huge weekend for her and I want everything to be perfect. It's raining cats and dogs, which isn't ideal, but at least it's not a snowstorm that will keep people away. Anyone who loves Heather has set aside this time to be with her to celebrate her writing, her marriage to Paul, and it's going to be two nights of getting to know other people who care about her as much as I do. I can't imagine missing it for anything, and I'm proud to be counted among the people she considers important enough to be a part of her celebration.

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