Friday, May 04, 2007

Call me Peabo (or 'The Best Last Night Ever')

Last night was our last Vodo class. It was a long haul---due to circumstances beyond our control we ended up going two extra weeks. Afterward we went to Grumpy's for beer and singing.

Here are the highlights of the best night EVER:

*At some point in the evening I became Peabo

*Rob ditched us for other friends and eventually slunk back. We made him go buy us more smokes because we had smoked everyone's and the night was still young.

*I sang Stay, which is not unusual. But, I base my success on the compliments I get on the walkback...kind of on a five star scale. Four people said something, which is pretty damn good.

*Amanda sang for the first time. The silly girl put in The Remix to Ignition, and then asked me to sing with her. I did because I am a nice girl and so is she.

*Amanda found out that Johnny the Greek is straight and not married, although he did get a booty call at around 1:30am that he did not leave for.

*We played Never Have I Ever (or "I never" as I learned it) and I found out some very interesting information about Jodi and the rest of my classmates that shall remain classified.

*Johnny the Greek sang That's Why the Lady is a Tramp and Amanda and I went up and molested him as he sang, then she and I kissed as the grand finale. There was stunned silence, then cheers and whoops as we "got into it." Apparently Rob cried from laughter, and I'm guessing Jodi's stomach hurts more this morning from laughing than from acid.

*Rob confided a secret to a few of us about a classmate that so totally broke the teacher-student boundry I don't think we can ever really go back.

There are so many, many more things that happened. Unfortunately I have other things to do today. You can--and should--totally check out Jodi's blog for more stories and information about the fabulousness of this night. This night was a night for the ages. It would take actual moving mountains to top this night.

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John said...

Your new nickname has made you approximately 22% more popular with me.

Don't let anyone tell you different, Aladdin had a kick-ass theme.