Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Back on track

Well, it's day four of the detox and things are going fairly well. I totally cheated on the night of day two (there was a pizza in the freezer...couldn't help it) but since then I've been totally focused. No caffeine, no alcohol, just the foods listed in the Fat Smash Diet courtesy of Dr. Ian. I know that if I'm careful and don't blow my wad on Friday at the party my eating habits can stay changed. But, if I eat like a pig then Saturday will be like the detox week never happened.

The half-marathon is August 4th and I start training next week. My foot has been feeling better on a more consistent basis and I'm confident that I can start my training without doing further damage. It took so long to heal. The half marathon I was first supposed to do is this weekend...I can only run about 2.5 miles right now. Youch.

But, I'm really glad that things are coming back to center for me in terms of food and exercise. Now I want Friday to get here so I can eat a hamburger.

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